Steven Kopchinski, Jr.
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His legacy
Legacy defined:  

     According to the dictionary, "a legacy is something that is handed down or remains from a previous generation or time".  Hmmm.....what legacies has Steven passed down?  I can think of several right away!  I will name a few here and now. 

                  His ability to love unconditionally,
                  His passion for golf and games,
                  His love for his family,
                  His fearlessness and love of adventure,
                  His love of anything chocolate,
As his mother, I watched him grow from baby to a boy and into a man. And we were very close.  I will try and explain his legacies to the best of my ability and hopefully you will get to know my son better.  

Steven was all about hugging!  Even as a little boy, he would hug and squeeze his baby sister, Rina, until she screamed!  He just had to hug the people he loved all the time.  What I wouldn't do for one of his hugs right now.  
Steven wasn't the brightest star in the sky, but he knew how to show affection.  He would hug you while you were eating, coming up behind you as you were just about to put the fork in your mouth and when you were nestled in a blanket watching TV.  He grew into a big man and was strong - his hugs took your breath away sometimes!  "Love you, Mom", while hugging me was constant when he was around.  
When Emily was born, the screams from her could be heard from outside. "stop hugging me!"  He adored her so.  He would hug his dad and hang on him while he would be working.  Such a loving soul that boy had!  And I thank God everyday for him and his hugs...



Emilys Papers

My Brother
              I wonder did you ever have a sibling? Well, I did. He was the most loveable brother you could possibly have! I mean he was annoying. We did a lot of things alike for example, I ate just like him but he still made fun of me. I loved Steven and I know that because I have a picture of him looking and smiling at me: believe it! He died of sleep apnea.

              It was Thursday March 24, 2005 and my sister woke me up at 7:30 am. I was wondering why my sister woke me up so early. My sisrer called my best friend; Greta's mom. My parents were away on vacation. I had to go over Greta's house and get ready to go to school. As i was going over i saw the cops& the ambulance at my house. I was so afraid I didnt know why. I couldnt think why my brother was having problems. I didnt know what was happening. That day was one of those days where you had to take the reading PSSA's. When i went to school, i was taking the text and i kept tellling mytself it was ohkay. But thats when it happened everything wasnt ohkay. I went home in my parents red car.  My dad took me into the study and they told me he died, at first i didnt believe them. But ther werent kidding. He really did die. It was true but i was so sad my nose felt weird. & i know whenever my nose fels weird i will cry forever. I remember screaming at the top of my lungs right before i cried. I went in the kitchen after i was done crying and my Aunts were there. Somebody called on the phone, it was my grandparents in utah. They flew out the next day, as well as my Aunt Danielle. Andd than it was funeral time. I went to the funeral. The first viewing was in the evening where we saw him for the first time. When we came home everyone was sad. I asked my mom if the feelin would ever go away. she said " Im not sure."

                          Nine monthd after the funeral we went to Punta Cana. When we came home from outr trip my mom chose and paid for a tombstone. We never got the tombstone that my mom ordered. My mom had to take the paper showing what he did to court to try to get the money back.

                             Instead of going to court this cool thing happened. This new TV show callled Judge Alex offered to fly my mom to Houston Texas for the show, The best part was that it was for free. But my mom turned it down* felt she couldnt leave us. She went to regular court and the decision was my mom stuill had to buy the tombstone because he didnt have money to pay everyone back. But she did win so he went to hjail. I miss my brother. He was 21 years old when he died. He was the oldest child and our only brother. I loved him very much & will never forget him. He is always in  heart.

My Hero
writtten by Emily Kopchinski in 5th grade.

          Have you ever had anyone that was there when you were born? (other than your parents) I did and there were two people but only one was my hero. That was my brother Steven.

         My brother died two years ago. Ever since i havent had anyone to play with me. See my brother meant everything to me and now he is gone. It is reallly hard to get over it.

           My brother was fun. MY brother was funniest person i know. He would be the only person to play board games with, except for when he had work.  I always played with him at the Christmas Party. He would take me to places like Jillians( now dave&busters).

My brother was loveable MY brother would actually go up to you and give you hugsd and kisses. When he would actually slober on you. My brother would always give us kisses even when he just gave you a kiss 5 mins ago. He also patted you really hard on the shoulder a couple times. it was so annoying at the time, but now i miss it.

As you can see why my brother is my hero. H died, he was loveable and the funniest person i know, But i am still sad and never gonna get over the fact that hes not around anymore to protect me, or be with me. Hr meant everything to me. Now theres an empty hole in my heart that will never get fixed. He was even the first person to hold me as a baby. My brother was done holding me. I will aslo never see him again till i die. & go to heaven just like him.

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